Insulation & Weatherization

Your home has a thermal envelope; this includes the walls, windows, roof, doors, and even weather stripping and caulking. Basically, everything that keeps the outside elements from getting inside. If you don’t keep these areas in check, your heating and cooling bill can go through the roof, and can affect your home’s comfort level and even the value.


When you understand the elements, you can create insulation that ensures a high level of comfort in your home, because it controls many factors such as moisture, acoustics, air, and thermal performance. The Complete Comfort by Certainteed line is truly remarkable at doing all factors listed, and you wouldn’t want anything less for your biggest investement. So let Certainteed be that key component to making your house more energy efficient.

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Insulation Panels & Sheatings

Dow Blue Board

If you don’t keep moisture out, you’ll have a disaster on your hands, and in your home. Dow insulation board offers high moisture resistance, which is crucial when insulating your home.

Atlas R Board

Energy efficiency can be improved and achieved multiple ways, and one is protecting your home with great insulation that serves as a thermal barrier. Atlas can do so in many applications, and in exterior or interior insulation.

Huber Zip System

To ensure water resistance and that air stays out, the weatherization process is finally streamlined using the Zip System by Huber. It’s simple, quick and easy enough that only one person can complete the project with a two-step installation process.

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GP Thermostat Radiant Barrier

To maintain the indoor comfort of yoru home, and lower your cooling bill, these panels reflect 97% of the sun’s radiant heat, so it’s not absorbed into your attic. The reflective and perforated aluminum foil on the panel makes this possible.

Insulation House Wraps

Dupont Tyvek

Superior performance is synonymous with Tyvek, mainly because the science behind keeping water and air out, while letting water vapor escape, is perfected with this house wrap. Why let the water vapor out? So that you don’t get mold and rot inside the walls of your home.

Barricade House Wrap

With three types to choose from, including one with UV stabilizers, you can protect your home from the elements, while increasing its energy efficiency.